01. Is I-ARKS a not-for-profit?

At this moment, the European chapter of I-ARKS is a foundation founded in the Netherlands.

Working towards a global representation and engagement is essential for us.

Affiliated companies and headquarters in the United States will be commercial.

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02. Could the business model evolve?

The most important is that we achieve our objectives : improve & restore nature’s health and advance space and medicine, since they are interconnected. Depending on the need to achieve our objectives in a timely fashion, the business model will evolve.

We are currently splitting for profit and not for profit activities into different structures.

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03. Why is I-ARKS created?

It is reported by conservationists and several scientists that over the last 40 years nearly half of all species has disappeared with no expectations on improvement.

To be successful in saving nature, a new organisation with a different approach is therefore needed.

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04. What is I-ARKS?

A European regional office of I-ARKS was created by Veerle Ronsse in 2016.

The objective is to implement new and effective solutions to avoid a 6th global extinction:

  • To make a high quality large scale exportable back-up of animal life on earth.
  • To optimize on economic benefits for conservation and reproductive reasons, but also to help advance medicine, space and  food supply.

To be able to perform this work effectively and timely, different disciplines are united: certain disciplines in medicine, space, high tech and business.

Because we believe it concerns everyone, we build towards engaging more than a billion people in the future of life and humanity.

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